Have you ever stood in a shadow to see better ?

When does living in the shadow
become your darkened sight ?
If you live in the shadow by day ,
what do you do by night ?
If asked can you see better
what say you then to this
Can your life be measured by the things in it you missed ?
For you there’d be no husband or fenced in yard with kids,
But a life you now have etched out from beyond the scars you hid.
Oh those scars, are not really hidden from those whom knew you well,
For each day you live among them as many could now tell.

Oh You’ve made a life for sure, gather from the smoldering embers , is it one that gives backs to others ? We’ll see how I’m remembered .

Standing at a distance , I see a flickering light, it too casts a shadow on my own life’s plight
she’s on she off she’s up she’s down .Can I fan my life to flame ? When this life is over to what then can I claim?

Oh readers of my darkness please do not be dismayed
For I live to tell the story from inside depression’s cage.
By far I’m not alone in this wired cage of sight there are many many more reaching outward toward the light.

I’m here to call us onward ,
steel caged bars to mesh be dimmed.
It when we look beyond it that we’ll see above the rim .
Beyond that rim , a light, is shining oh so bright
It will be for us the ending of our harrowing nights.
We can finally close our eyes , where no thoughts of fears will ride ….
because we know we’ve made it, to the lighter side.
By Meredith J Weir
All rights reserved
1:33 a.m.

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