Living for others

Living for others

Living for others breathe in and breathe out, it seems there isn’t a clear different route.

Don’t tell them your destined to the back of the shelf.

Of no more use n’er much to yourself.

your use has dwindled by the thoughts in that mind destroying the peace your heart wants to find.

The weight of just living takes all of my fight, and I wake up each morning bemoaning my plight, and that in itself is so selfish I see

when I look around and there’s many ~ much worse off than me . Get help they say, seems simple for sure except for those who of that can’t afford.

Put in some chemicals and alter that mind but in the end I’m just biding my time.

Such a waste of a being God purpose filled made, that her worth should be buried when she lays in her grave.

Oh enough of this rubbish I say to my mind it’s 1 a.m, must feel like I’m fine. Come-on eeyore get on with your day.

So ~why did you share this dark lonely poem?

~So someone else won’t feel so very alone.~

8/13/22 1:12 a.m

By meredith j weir

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