Monthly Archives: October 2014

Child of woe

Deep within this pain filled soul
Lives a child who’s full of woe
In her sixties now,but lost her life
To time and pain and fighting strife.

This wordy one, LIVES deep in thought.
While many think it’s peace she sought.
But really folks there’s few that know what lies within this tortured soul.

She frequently gives voice to song
in a world to which, she can’t belong
But creatures, sky and sea can tell
Because you see, they know her well.

We trod below we look above while all the while we stare thru  love .
We look beyond and miss within
And that alone is a great sin.

But oh she stares at the birds in flight
and watches love in a star filled night.
And sees the sun and feels it’s rays and believe me that’s the best part of her day.
She speaks her words to things that know , how odd it is to live and grow,
and yet be seen as not alive regardless of how much you tried.
I’m here I’m here, she can relate
But alas my friends they hear too late
we bloomed and died and spilled our soul…..
And in the end it took it’s toll.
By Meredith J Weir
All rights reserved