Monthly Archives: June 2012

All rights reserved!

All rights reserved ?
But who would know,
What lies within this tired soul?
The depth of thoughts that I perceive would die then, like a withered leaf
Are not we born to think, and not so much to plan?
Are not we born to love, and not so much to stand.
An idle life will find much strife, from standing still it’s true.
So lets move on and sing the song,
find something else to do .
I’ve made mistakes I can’t undue
forgiveness will be up to you.

In retrospect, what the heck, was I suppose to do. My world apart, a broken heart, a family split in two.
The weight of , a promise broke
weighs heavy in this mind.
Destroying flesh and nerves and soul
And taking up my time.
So here you have a trickle of what, is in this mind .
My hope is that some day it’s peace that I will find.

by Meredith J Weir

6/11/12 6:30 p.m.

All rights reserved.

The darkness sometimes doesn’t write.

So I started a blog and thought this will be easy to keep up since I thought the time slot will never get filled, but I was wrong. please stay tune as I bring in some poetry from the past and hopefully churn up my creative juices. The darkness will still write on….