What World

What World is this so torn apart
With sins and fears and fighting
With tears and cries and lives torn up
The world’s soul volcano erupts…..

This , This is life without
The promised one , we talked about
This , This our sins made real
It’s time now to seek Your Saviour

Our sins have taken the path to hell,
Not one of us it’s pain can quell
But in the distance, and yet it’s near
Our hope of Salvation will come.

Come, Come to doubting hearts
Still the fears and hope impart
Bring, bring now your love and Peace
So fighting and hurting will cease.

He was ,He is and he’ll always be
The chosen one thru eternity
The word made flesh, The prince of peace
Put down now your weapons and pray.

Love , Light he’ll bring to you, no more dear child must you live in doom
He is here in your heart make room
For the prince of peace to come in.

To Tune of greensleeves

By Meredith J Weir
12/12/15 6:03 a.m.
All rights reserved.

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