The darkness write ….. begins

So it is 3 in the morning and once again I am with out the slumber that brings you rest.

I have decided not to fight it anymore and will just harness the darkness to bring forth the light.Light of what you might ask? hmmm interesting, could be the light of my thoughts, feelings, observations, the light of my world (Jesus) could be those lessor things that no one would claim to give their time and thoughts too. For instances Do snails have families? and with their shells are they the original Rv’ers taking their homes with them and so then if a bunch gather together is it a RV snail park? ok your beginning to see how my mind wanders.. ADHD you think?

One sunday in church I confess Instead of listening intently to pastor’s sermon I was instead engaged on how 2 of our motorized wheelchair people would do a jumpstart if one of there batteries ran out of power which in turned made me wonder if triple A has a plan for them, or how would a handicap person even be able to put in place a new battery if their’s failed to charge. next thing I knew we were saying the creed or singing a song can’t even remember that oh well, and so it goes!

Now I promise this won’t always be useless ramblings, of a tired mind, I have some useful ideas, poems and thoughts to share so please stay tuned.

By Meredith J Weir

Copy or use of this written word is prohibited without the author’s permission. all rights reserved.

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