Monthly Archives: September 2014

Now I lay me down to What?

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep……
if I should sleep before I wake …….I’ll celebrate and bake a cake . Insomniacs and weary come
will turn the lights up , have some fun
Come meowing cat and barking dog but no one who can sleep like logs
This party’s for the caffeine depleted
(which helps us out when it is needed )
Serving up melatonin bread, that will make you all want to go to bed !
Also have valerian root that should do it -what a hoot !! People sleeping here and there some just flopped over by a chair a sleeping party of epic proportion though tomorrow will all awake distorted with that familiar ,whose there look ?
Back to caffeine oh yes we’re hooked
And so a sleepless night will end …..
Coffee tomorrow? Oh yes dear friend !!
By Meredith J Weir

All rights reserved 9/12/14