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Crushed Mustard

Crushed mustard
There’s so much sadness in the air,
clouds filled with losses and despair
My friend’s cups are overflowing
With doubts, and fears and just
Their mustard seeds of faith seem
crushed, and joys and laughters all seemed hushed.
yet on the ground I see its dust, and flecks of seeds that were dispelled
Show me they can live beyond this hell .
Now don’t take me as the “there, there type” , my pains and trials I wouldn’t swipe but think me as a trusted friend ,who wants only to see you round the bend .
This worlds cares I can’t explain ,
( nor me awake right now in pain)
But morn will come, the day says yes regardless if our life’s a mess
The present pain will soon be past
It’s honing done, no more to last .
The trials endured the grinding done
The battle fought, the victory won .
By Meredith J Weir
All rights reserved
This may only be used with the expressed permission of the author
( me)