Monthly Archives: May 2014

Truly wounded

I saw a wrecked up body
A ghastly sight for sure
the scars ran wide and deep
I couldn’t tell much more

The body, it was breathing
but could it be alive?
and I sat there….wondering
how did it survive,
to be where I was sitting and starring
at it so, and what of all this ugliness?
I really didn’t know.

What weapons could have possibly
caused scars so deep and dark?
What weapon could have wrecked this life
and left such ugly marks

The light where I was sitting, it really wasn’t good,
I wanted to look at its face, I wondered if I could?
Could it have been a sword, a razor or a knife that
had wrecked this body ,that once had been a life?
It didn’t feel the pain right now
it sipped sweet spirits like me
but all that I could think of ….was what pain there had to be.

Someone sitting near by me , I overheard explain,
On how he knew a man once who nearly gone insane,
on how his life was ruined when he was in his prime
and how this was the place now where he spent most his time.

He spoke of the real damage, the pain within his heart,
it stirred in me the question as to where this all could start?

He then made reference to this thing alongside me
and now I was intrigued by what this all could be?
The conversation ended only one more thing I heard
that all this pain and ugliness was the result of a spoken word!

by Meredith J Weir
All rights reserved