Monthly Archives: January 2015

Hoarding life 101

You can not take it with you
You can not leave it here
You can not put it on a shelf
it’s part of you, you fear.
You can not throw it away
You might then need it some  day….
Or maybe it’s just a memory, of how things use to be
At least that’s what you tell yourself
You can not set it free.
You can not toss it out like no value lies within
It belong to such and so and you know that she was kin.
It may be the only family that brings you cheerful thoughts
And to sell it would be hard for good memories can’t be bought.
So let’s look inside this box , oh what do we have  here?
Just some recipes I’ll try ,oh yeah and in  what year ?
a box of magazines assorted shapes and kind with all sorts of articles that you’ll never, never find. And what about this box marked. In nana’s dresser drawer, did she ever wear this necklace I haven’t seen that before. Oh that was an Avon special, she got with that gold embossed bird pin…..And you just have to keep it Why? because again we’re kin.

So 0n and on it goes sorted thru, but not thrown out, yes you know its true

it’s what a hoarders life’s about.

By Meredith J Weir

all rights reserved.