Hello, I’m trying..…
I’m trying to those who like me I’m trying to those who don’t.
I’m alway trying within my self
A life put on a shelf.
I once tried to fit in,
Well, that was a total lost!
So now I wander on trying
A life spent at great cost.

All this trying is exhausting
Fear of apathy is near by
All I wanted was to live
my life before tis time to die.
My stories are perplexing to those who think they know me well.
Belief in God alone keeps me
From destination hell.

She see beauty all around her
How could she be depressed
It’s better you not know
What’s in this troubled breast.
A heart that beats in time
Despite my gloomy stance.
Adds to the irony were my life
Set to dance.

I’ve tried to make a difference
My lofty dream awry… it’s time to sip
My coffee and release a giant sigh.

Oh I’ll keep on trying till there’s nothing else to try and finally finish trying ,when at last to life I’ll die.
By Meredith J Weir
All rights reserved

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