The darkness writes but does it leap?

The darkness writes but do I sleep, or weep, or keep, or leap? Leap year brought to me some interesting facts as to just how far we go to make things seem in sync, I say seem because even our current way of counting things is a little off, but suffice it to say we wouldn’t notice except every 8000 years, so I can cross that one off my things to worry about list! Why does it interest me? Probably knowing that I’m a little off it gives me comfort to know so is the world. I mean who else would be sitting here wide awake at 2 in the morning thinking about all this ? Course it does beat worrying about my bills neither of which I can do anything about. :-/ but I digress.
So we have this calendar which we use daily that keeps track of when the earth has made a full rotation around the sun yet if we want to be a perfectionist (oh not that I am) it really isn’t perfect oh no you mean I have been following a imperfect schedule all these years? yep, So we have leap year a way to make an adjustment to keep us more in sync with the universe.
Time has always been an interest of mine like sand slipping thru my fingers it seems to keep moving on , I can’t save it, hang on to it, or hoard it so it behooves me to use it wisely (yes I do succumb to wasting it all to often) it is scary to me not to know how much time I’ve got, In Psalms 90:12 it says teach us to so number our days so we may gain a heart of wisdom. As everything is debateable I wonder if the time I sit like this, is using time wisely I have to pray since sleep escapes me that it is an ok use of my time.
This brings me to a big question Who is in control? we think we decide what we will do with our lives but the older I get the more I see it turns out I make choices and God sometimes allows them and says well ok then and in the end if I trust and believe even uses my bad choices to my benefit.
I kind of look at it as playing chess with God I make this move which I think is in my best interest and God says using his infalliable wisdom if she does this I’ll do that and she still will be ok. Thank God he is much better at this then I am !! so back to leap year I’m not sure I was ready to leap forward this year but the calandar says I must and so it is.I am also not sure I am in alignment with the universe as a insomniac I apparently don’t keep the same sleep cycles as the rest of you, as a thinker I waste too much time probably thinking about things that are also too trivile, Some examples would be my bird watching, cloud watching and when I get the chance watching the unendingness of the tides so even if I do leap forward this year like the rest of you, I still most likely will always march to the beat of a different drum.
and that’s ok cause it just me!
For those that are interested this is a video explaining leap year copy and paste into your search bar.

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