but when the darkness sleeps

But when the darkness sleeps it means the troubles of daily living have some how been layed aside!
Right now in some places in America people are celebrating Easter.. Right now in some places in America people are not celebrating Easter nor do they know or want to. But for the blessed here in America we can!
In just a few hours WE will celebrate my only hope for salvation, the Risen Lord!
Are my bills still due…yes? Am I still under employed? …yes, is my health still bothering me? …yes BUT, I have a hope, for even if my life seems drear in this world it will be glorious in the next and that is because He alone is my hope and salvation! How blessed are we who know. When the troubles of this ones life are layed aside it is because I believe in a better tomorrow not achieved thru my efforts but that alone of my Savior Jesus, Resting in the knowledge of that, the darkness does sleep, May all you who read the darkness writes find solace in this too! Have a Blessed Easter.

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