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Emerging from the Darkness

Emerging from the darkness, It’s true life must go on,

I dare to take a deep breath to count my worries gone.

Always will I love her she’ll always be with me

always I’ll remember, how misunderstood was she.

The child of this mother, I know her oh so well,

For I am so much like her, her  sufferings I’ll tell.

Living in the darkness, seeing no way to the light,

accepting that this darkness , must be her only sight.

So afraid of being wrong she lived on in misery, and once the dye was cast

that’s what it was to be.

Oh how I tried to tell her life can not be explained

that we must face tomorrow in spite of bitterness and pain.

I failed also; there’s wrong I must endure, but I know I am forgiven

that alone makes me secure.

The scattering of good times,  beneath her cloud of doubt

will be what I remember that her life was about.

She never really lived, in freedom from her thoughts

They alone kept her imprisoned , they alone the darkness wrought.

So I will take this lesson, my mom so sadly taught.

I will not be imprisoned by the darkly thoughts.

I may make mistakes and sometimes  I’ll  be wrong, but I won’t let the darkness remain in me too long.

I will seek forgiveness,direction, and the light,

so some day they will say, she fought the good fight.

By Meredith J Weir

11/18/126 a.m.