The remnant is speaking

I am the remnant of the ruined girls life,
Lest you think that she took it because of her strife
She lives on , because of her faith that is sure
She believes in a heaven and looks forward much more .
Though here life has left her in frequent despair
She knows of a Savior who loves her and cares
She shares from her darkness
That illness of mind , in hopes that some others some light just might find .
She goes on by her faith, kind friends, and meds help
That is when she doesn’t leave them on a shelf. 🙂
If you follow my writings you often do see , the ups and the downs that is… I guess me .
So time now to go on and act like I’m glad , but only you readers know that I’m just sad.
By Meredith J Weir
All rights reserved

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