My confession 2013

My confession 2013

2013 is almost gone
But before it leaves us
I see something wrong …
I want to start next year
With nary a care
So let me take time now
— a few things to share ,
To those that I treated in an unkind way
I ask for forgiveness and pardon I pray .
For my sins of omissions
When I just let things pass
The memory of these thing I pray
will not last !
By knowledge or time lapse
I have no excuse
The guilt of these things
Dear God….. Cut me loose !

Some now have burned a hole in my heart and I know now , I know
They can not depart .
Only God’s mercy might set me free but then again, it’s so buried in me.
You ask why I’m sleepless
You certainly can see
It’s all the guilt so wrapped up in me.
I want to hope — I’ll do better next year,
But memories assault me and fill me with fear,
So as the clock tick, the current year to expire
I am praying and praying to this I aspire
Let me be more like Jesus
Who didn’t put off to tomorrow
And caused a relative so much grieving and sorrow though mine is gone now and I pray she ‘s at rest I know in her eyes I didn’t pass the test .
I don’t know of a pill that can heal my pain and at times in the night
I feel like I’m going insane .
Can I use The excuse that says
” I’m only human ” I see “do better ” scriptures all over are looming . If God DOES forgive me
Why then can’t I ?

Well good night my dear friends all I can say is I ‘ll try
By Meredith J Weir
12/28/2013 5:12 a.m
All rights reserved

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