The darkness writes from the darkness within …

The darkness writes to let it out , interestingly the darkness writes to reflect but can the darkness cast a reflection? oh most definitely yes. The darkness wants to teach. It teaches by example, it teaches by missed opportunities, and sadly it teaches most harshly about the sacred, precious gift of time! 60 second x 60 minutes x 24 hours , how much time does it take to impact a life? how much time do we have? will tomorrow ever come? and when it does will what we’ve done be enough?

The darkness pleads to take note and do. Do what ? smile, talk, give, share, hug, love, forgive, the list can go on, but from within this darkness I’ve encountered ,looms the tower of forever missed opportunities and never to be retrieved moments which now live inside the tear-stained walls of my heart.

I have lived with darkness as many know, I hope from writing within, that I will cast a glimpse that going on can be done and knowing others relate often helps.

This is not a long post as sadness and deep thinking often only result in using tissues and wasting time in regret, it is a pause and a reminder to seize the day let the darkness drive you out to make your today a good memory tomorrow.

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