The Divorced Tree

See that tree all alone,

that tree is just like my home.

Other trees growing near, haven’t changed a bit in years,

All our roots are planted deep

I guess mine’s just a little weak

through wind and storms these trees stay stout

except for mine it moves about.

Hurricanes fail to knock them down

but mine now bends close to the ground.

In spring little nests are often found

in all the trees that are around,

except for mine it isn’t fair

for my tree its weight it cannot bear

I watch her arms reaching high

reaching outward in the sky

God knows this tree is like my home

and is the reason I’ll never roam

I must watch her everyday

and then at night I must pray.

I pray she’ll see me through and through

for there isn’t much else that I can do.

By Meredith J Weir 1969 all rights reserved.

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