The darkness writes even… when the darkness is in the day

When holding on causes you to let go

What we don't see rooted beneath the surface.

So sometimes I find myself envelope by the darkness in the day, not necessarily by the time of the day but by the times of the day. What? The time of the day could be high noon but the times of the day relate more to the times when I let darkness cloud the light, when I let sadness hide the joy, when I let lack of feeling love overshadow the compassion I feel for those who feel likewise. So why is this so? I could say this is human nature and that would be true. but it goes deeper than that it is rooted deep beneath the surface of this earth.It begins at the roots, and by time and nature, and life’s circumstances it can become diseased, and then though it may look strong and tall it may in the storms of life become a fallen tree.
Was the soil holding the tree or was the tree holding the soil,was the roots tangled from going out in too many directions and in so doing almost uprooting oneself? Is this an example of natures symbiotic relationships? possibly so. But it is as old as time itself.

It started in a garden, The garden of Eden ,that’s where we first discovered our will .God could have created a being having a will just as his but he chose to give us a free will so that we could choose to love him. Sin and selfishness enter the world and what we have now is a gnarly mess of directions and wills that causes us to  thwart the desires of our loving Savior, and from that we become diseased and uprooted and like the picture, become a forest of fallen trees.So the more we focus on ourself we see the tangled mess we make rooted in our earthly desires.

the gnarly roots of self desires

If we can instead look upward and drink in the “son” light he will help us grow strong and help us to stand the test and trials of this life and even when the darkness crowds into our day we will see the light!

Reaching for the Light of Day

Let us reach upward with leafy arms waving and drink in our souls nourishment from the “son” the  one True Light! Peace

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