Midnight Writer’s Prose

T”was the morning of Saturday when all thru our home everyone was sleeping,except me I roamed.

to the kitchen,the bathroom,and back in the bed,

just wanting to lie down and rest this old head!

I lie down,I sit up, I toss and I turn

Good solid sleep is what this old girl yearns

and now the poet has come alive

and I sit here and ponder, and scribble this jive!

The midnight writer is alive ands well

though her back and her body are going to……

well enough of these mindless words I make rhyme, oh my oh my just look at the time!

It was 2 then 3 and now it is 4

soon it will be time to walk out this door.

So to you who are sleeping you’ll soon be awake

And I will be tired make no mistake.

the coffee with caffeine will be my mask

As another sleepless night has come and passed.

So I must lay down pen,pencil or fingers

and grab a few minutes while the darkness still lingers.

Good Morning folks from the midnight writer

Who is grabbing some zzz’s before it gets lighter!

By Meredith J Weir

Unauthorized use of this material is prohibited. all rights reserved.

One response to “Midnight Writer’s Prose

  1. virginia paris

    Very nice

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