The darkness writes but doesn’t weep

Once again slumber evades my eyelids as the weight of this week weighs heavy in my mind. It is that time of the year where my thoughts get jumbled by my beliefs and I must reckon with myself!

Lent, yes the darkness writes but doesn’t weep for as bad as things may seem in my mind in my heart I am most truly blessed! oh that the whole world could hold onto that morsel called Faith! defined in Hebrews so well ” Now faith is the assurance of things hope for, the conviction of things not seen.” New American standard version “

The assurance of things hope for ….. a job, health,security  I can hope but it doesn’t pay the bills so how does one get from thursday to friday to monday and bills due day? perhaps it lays in the second part of this verse. the conviction of things not seen That is where most unbelievers get stymied. Good old King James put it this way “the evidence of things unseen” Which brings about the question can one believe in something you don’t see?  A profound yes comes to my mind . The first thing I think of is the wind. A 4th grade substitute teacher taught me that poem that started “who has seen the wind neither I nor you but when the leaves hang trembling the wind is passing thru”  (by Christina Rossetti ) the 4th grade teacher was Miss Holland I can still see her wearing that dark blue polka-dotted dress! any way the wind brings evidence of things unseen . The wind,where does it start ? where does it end? we all know how damaging it can be ,so does it exist? yes ! Do I understand it ? No so I either have to accept the concept that things exist I don’t understand or negate a huge part of existences! When I watch a humming-bird flap it ‘s wings at times ,the repetition is so fast that I can’t quite see each wing but I assure you there are not wingless humming birds flying around.ha ha! So back to the question. Can I believe in something I don’t see,yes. Now here is the trickier question, Can I believe in something I don’t feel? Defining feel as to perceive or examine by touch ( Can I feel your words? I can’t touch them but I can be touched by them. Bring in Genesis ch 1:3 “and God said let there be light and there was light” As a wordsmith and a very sensitive person, I have always looked at the spoken “word” as having much more power than humans tend to give it! If God spoke it and the world took form than most certainly the power of the spoken  (and written word) is huge! So Can I believe in something I can’t humanly touch, feel or perceive? yes and how does one do that on a day by day basis? My best answer is to accept that I can’t explain the universe,and I can’t understand in totality God,his ways and sufferings purposes,but by believing, beyond a shadow of a doubt it will bring more solace and less angst to believe and hope. The alternative is to be without hope – hopeless

The darkness writes but does not weep as one without hope. 2 Cor 4

by Meredith J Weir

Copy or use of these written words without the author’s permission is prohibited. all rights reserved.

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